The Guitar4Blind.org Links Directory for the Blind


Here are a some links to sites recommended by the creators and developers of this site:

www.loc.gov/nls/ - This website if the National Library Service for the Blind and contains an audio book catalog as well as an entire accessible music section.  The music section's email is NLS@loc.gov and they can provide music scores, instructional materials, etc. for the blind and vision-impaired.

The websites listed below are advocacy websites for the blind and visually-impaired and contain info on just about any subject you can imagine.

www.NFB.org -NFB has a telephone newsline service: the service provides newspapers, magazines, circulars, job listings/search features, TV listings, etc. via various formats including phone dial-in system, online, tablet, email etc.  The service is called NFB newsline. If a person registers with their state agency for the blind/vision-impaired, can provide official documentation of visual-impairment, and/or is registered with library of congress NLS, they are eligible for the newsline service.  Registration for the service occurs on the website. 


http://www.AFB.org - AFB has a career connect website which helps with employment-related topics for the blind/visually-impaired  www.careerconnect.org (I think that's the url)

www.Visionaware.org (info about vision loss and blindness

www.directionsforme.com (helps the visually-impaired access label and package information on foods and other labels; helpful in kitchen!)

www.Learningally.org - Learning Ally helps Blind, Visually Impaired & Dyslexic Students Thrive. 

www.Bookshare.org - Bookshare is a website where students can register free with their school information and gain access to any book in their system, nonstudents can register for an annual fee. Books can be read in various formats on and offline andj it features an extensive collection. 

www.Playaway.com - A digital book website for audio books

The websites listed below provide adaptive supplies for personal health, beauty, home, every-day living, kitchen/cooking, etc. that visually-impaired/blind persons can purchase for selves or others can purchase for them as gifts:



www.Hadley.edu - The Hadley Institute for the Blind offers distance Ed. online course moduels for blind-visually/ impaired persons on various topics including business/employment, leisure, travel, cooking, basic education, daily living and adaptation skills etc.  They also offer a distance education continuing ed. course moduel for professionals working with the blind wanting to earn college CE credits.  A High School program is available and an archive of past and up-coming seminars are listed. Transcripts and resource lists for these are also archieved on the Hadley Institute website.

WebbIE, a web browser for blind and visually-impaired people, especially those using screen readers:  http://www.webbie.org.uk/

Blinded Veterans Association is at http://www.bva.org  or 800-669-7079

The Blindness Resource Center at the New York Institute for Special Education at http://www.nyise.org/blind.htm has a superb collection of resources

Braille Transcription UK at http://www.brailletranscriptionuk.co.uk is an English transcription company.

Hot Braille at http://www.hotbraille.com is "...an online service that sends free Braille in the mail. Anyone can enter an address accompanied with a message, which we will translate, emboss, and ship free of charge via the USPS..."

Human Ware, Inc at http://www.humanware.com makes the Braille Note, a portable Windows CE based Braille pad input note taker with modem, e-mail, and voice output, which connects to embossers, CDROM drives and monitors for display to sighted individuals.

Internet Resources for the Blind at http://www.oeser.net/blind.htm  is an excellent site offering just that.


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